What does it mean to freelance storyboards--I understand freelancing, but I suppose I'm confused about how you do that with a company like Nick.

Well, freelance storyboarding is the same as any storyboarding, it just means instead of being on staff with the studio, you’re doing the work from home and being paid a flat rate. Usually it’s by script page.

Quick Kya doodle I did tonight instead of working on my freelance boards…

Quick Korra doodles done in Toon Boom Pro in response to the Book 3 release.

Hey man, hope all is cool with ya! Hope to see more new things from you :D

It’s kind of sad how I draw everyday… I draw more now than I ever had in my lifetime… but it’s all stuff I can’t show because of NDA.

So here’s a “warm up sketch” of sorts…

I keep seeing this guy on my dashboard and suddenly had the urge to draw him on the margins of my storyboard in Toon Boom.

I haven’t read the comic yet… but I tend to wait for the trade paperbacks of things.

please tell me you have a spanking fetish because your booty drawing skills could be put to good use :3

Decided to do another one of those screen redraw things. Obviously this is from Kill la Kill.

Am I the only one who thinks Miko from Transformers Prime and Jolyne Kujo from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures look kinda similar?

What's a good way to draw someone being thrown to the ground dramatically. Like say they were in one of those poses where one hand is in the other and one character has a grip on the characters chest and then they swing around and throw them to the ground. How would you go about doing that?

Is this going to be a single image or a storyboard? Or a comic? Generally, things coming at CAM feel more dramatic. So if its a storyboard or comic… I’d have a set up shot that’s not too dramatic of an angle, where you can clearly see the aggressor grabbing the victim, begin the action of the throw, then cut to a low angle looking up as the victim is thrown toward the camera, landing close to CAM. This also lets you then show the aggressor standing above the victim in a place of power.

Does that help? If not, and you have time to wait longer I can try doodling up some ideas.

A quick little something following up on the last Transformers Prime image. Miko’s reaction to Jack’s choice of swimwear.



Okay, so after I saw this…

…I decided to draw some Transformers Prime beach images. This is the first one I got finished. Instead of Miko with Arcee, pair her up with Jack in a banana hammock. Switched the yellow and pink since Arcee IS Blue and Pink, not yellow.

I have an idea for Bulkhead and Miko… but I haven’t got the composition right.

I haven’t drawn these characters in a long while… this was fun to do. Looked up a lot of Kotteri’s art since I think she draws some of the best Arcee fanart.

Oops… posted this to my other account first. My bad.

Happy New Year.

Thought I’d get one last image in before the year’s over. Also it was a good excuse to draw Korra in a Hakama.

OLD WIP LOK x SnK piece

Back when I first started working on LOK, Attack on Titan was just barely airing, and of course I had seen the animatic version of Book two, and did this one morning. I honestly thought I had lost the image when one of my external hard drives died, but I found a copy of it on a backup thumb drive.

Of course I realized later instead of Korra it should be Lin Beifong, but this was before I knew Eren was going to be a Titan Shifter which actually lines up with Korra getting all giant as well. Maybe someday I’ll finish the piece and put Lin in instead.

Another Korra in glasses… reading a book.

If I weren’t lazy, I would have looked up her bedroom on Air Temple Island… I don’t think the window is even in the right place. Oh well…

Quick work in progress without any reference for Mako, Bolin, Pabu or Tonraq. I’ll see about finishing it later. Obvious Free! reference.

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