Okay… I know I said I was only going to do this as a sketch, but I really liked the piece and I had an urge to tweak it. I changed the composition to show more of Asami because a lot of people couldn’t tell I put her in a dress, and I really liked the dress (I found the design on google image). I also thought it would be nice to add Opal to the mix since I thought she’d look cute in one of those 30’s style hats (not sure what they’re called). And finally I wanted to play up the disheveled look on everyone. Especially Mako with the fluffed out hair and bandages.

Also, I noticed someone pondering if this was some sign that Korra would have her hair down more in Book 4, so let me make this clear, I drew this image with NO clues or hints about Book 4. I purposefully put them in clothing and a situation that is far removed from the actual show in any way for that reason.

Book 4 is on it’s way, I’m excited for it. I can’t wait to see the finished animation, and to experience the closing chapters.

EDIT: You ever finish an image at Midnight and post it online, wake up the next morning, see it’s got over 200 reblogs and notes and then realize…. Mako’s too short.

Fixed Mako’s hight. Scuffed up Opals hat and dress a little because I didn’t want to insinuate she wouldn’t get into it a little. Also touched up Korra and Asami’s hair a very little.

I wanted to draw something for Book 4 release date fast approaching. But I’m probably gonna be SUPER busy for the next several weeks, so I did this up real quick and real rough.

It being the last book of the series, it has a sense of finality to it. So I wanted something that felt like the end of a long night or something.

Okay, I’m tired of working on this, so I guess that means I’m done with it. So I re-did Raven again since the last WIP I did, just adjusted the proportions of her head and body, changed the pose a little and furled out the cape as some suggested.

I doubt I’ll make any further changes after this.

Someone commented on how most of the things I post are incomplete scratchy drawings. So I wanted to try finishing a piece for a change and I liked the Midna drawing I did in Storyboard Pro. I took it into Photoshop, cleaned up the line work, and then painted it. 

Yeah… give me a little free time from working on art, and what do I do? Art.

"Cool it, Sanchez, or you’ll get a knuckle supper! Look, Dagless, you’re an excellent doctor, but you’re also a live-wire maverick, who, when he’s not bucking the system is biting the hand that feeds, which in your case is this hand. Now I’m not about to tell the immediate family of the deceased that we’re going to have to burn what remains of his body in order to close the portal to another dimension. I just won’t do it! This hospital’s got a reputation which I intend to keep. I’ve yet to see any demons on the wards, and I’m particularly observant. So go back to your lab and make me a pill that will cure madness, or I’ll kick your ass so hard, you’ll be able to build a pool in the footprint! Understood? -Thornton Reed


Collection of doodles I’ve done in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro in between work. Most of these are for responses in Asks I’ve received, the last three are just doodles I’ve done while watching TV. Sometimes a face is interesting enough to try and draw quickly.

Just a quick beat up Tenzin based on today’s episode. Ever since I was a kid, and I saw Empire Strikes Back I’ve always liked seeing heroes lose a fight from time to time. Something up about getting up and facing overwhelming odds even though it’s not certain you’ll win is impressive to me.

Posted in an “ask” earlier, but the compression on the image hurt my eyes. 

Oni-Ikki from book 1.

Quick Kya doodle I did tonight instead of working on my freelance boards…

Quick Korra doodles done in Toon Boom Pro in response to the Book 3 release.

Hey man, hope all is cool with ya! Hope to see more new things from you :D

It’s kind of sad how I draw everyday… I draw more now than I ever had in my lifetime… but it’s all stuff I can’t show because of NDA.

So here’s a “warm up sketch” of sorts…

I keep seeing this guy on my dashboard and suddenly had the urge to draw him on the margins of my storyboard in Toon Boom.

I haven’t read the comic yet… but I tend to wait for the trade paperbacks of things.

Decided to do another one of those screen redraw things. Obviously this is from Kill la Kill.

Am I the only one who thinks Miko from Transformers Prime and Jolyne Kujo from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures look kinda similar?

What's a good way to draw someone being thrown to the ground dramatically. Like say they were in one of those poses where one hand is in the other and one character has a grip on the characters chest and then they swing around and throw them to the ground. How would you go about doing that?

Is this going to be a single image or a storyboard? Or a comic? Generally, things coming at CAM feel more dramatic. So if its a storyboard or comic… I’d have a set up shot that’s not too dramatic of an angle, where you can clearly see the aggressor grabbing the victim, begin the action of the throw, then cut to a low angle looking up as the victim is thrown toward the camera, landing close to CAM. This also lets you then show the aggressor standing above the victim in a place of power.

Does that help? If not, and you have time to wait longer I can try doodling up some ideas.

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